2017 AntiGravity® Fitness Challenge

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2017 AntiGravity® Fitness Challenge


January month of Intention

Whether you want to achieve resolutions, lose weight, or align your mind, body, and spirit, this monthly challenge is for you!

Each month we will explore a theme, in addition each week, we will focus on your mind, body, and spirit connections to elevate your practice.

How to participate

1. You must attend 4 classes per week per month to have your name entered in the monthly drawing 

2. The drawn name WINS a one month $125 unlimited pass (winning pass to be used within 1 year)

3. When you win if you are a month-to-month unlimited pass holder then your pass will be extend by one month. 

4. If you win and are using your pass to attend you cannot win again that month.  

5. Follow us on all 4 of our Social Media outlets (ImaginationPlace and AntigravitySaltLake Facebook & Instagram) You must like and comment on at least one post during the month and your name will be entered a second time.

Come 4 times a week to FEEL and SEE the results: you will be happier, healthier, stronger, and more beautiful, intelligent, and flexible.

“Your mind is the key to turn the ignition! MAKE THE COMMITMENT!”  ~Darlene Casanova