Rebalance Body and Mind

AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga

Imagine all the moving parts of your body flexing and extending while floating weightlessly in space and surrendering deeply into poses; this practice that rejuvenates your body, soothes your senses, and calms the nervous system. Restorative AntiGravity® Yoga utilizes the silk hammock to float the body through a series of gentle stretching motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hip girdle, shoulder sockets, and more.

The weightless support provided by the hammock allows the body to safely glide to the extent of its flexibility with zero compression on the joints and connecting tissues, which brings the benefits of detoxification, and the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. This groundbreaking restorative technique flows like a moving meditation, gently repairing and healing the physical body while simultaneously stilling the mind.

This class also features all the benefits of full inversions as practiced in AntiGravity® Fitness, and is perfect for anyone looking to deepen his or her mind/body connection and to surrender to a quieting individual peace.


Must have completed 3 FUNdamentals of AntiGravity® Fitness classes.